Enabling SIP on Fortinet devices

Yesterday (08/08/2013) I came across an issue whereby a set of users had migrated from a standard DSL connection to a VLAN within our corporate network, which resulted in a strange issue with their VoIP phones.

After the migration was complete the users were able to place calls successfully BUT when receiving calls the users were able to hear to the caller but the caller was unable to hear the receiver.  the caller would hear the call ringing then being collected, at this point the line would then seem as if it was dead.  After a bit of investigation it appeared that inbound voice traffic was being blocked for some reason.

The Cause
The cause of this issue appears to be a session-helper which is enabled by default on Fortinet devices.  We tested on two Fortinet devices and the issue was replicated over both Fortinet models.   The devices tested where:

  • Fortigate 20c ADSL router
  • Fortigate 300c Firewall

The Permanent Fix

To resolve the issue we had to complete the following:

    • SSH onto Fortinet device
    • Run the following command:
      • show session-helper
    • Use the spacebar to navigate through the list of session-helpers, locate sip and take note of the ID.  ID 13 in my case:
      edit 13
      set name sip
      set port 5060
      set protocol 17
    • Run the following commands to remove this session-helper
      • config session-helper
      • (session-helper) delete 13
      • (session-helper) end
    • Reboot Fortinet device in order for the above changes to take effect

The above sequence were the only steps I had to complete to get the inbound voice calls to fully work.  If you continue to have issues after completing the above steps then please take a look at the official Fortinet Knowledge Base entry:

Fortinet Devices – Enabling the SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG)

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Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7 Issue


From time to time you may notice that when logging into your Windows 7 machine, the system will throw you up a message stating that you are being logged in with a temporary profile.  Once logged in with this temporary profile you will be greeted by nothing apart from a nice clean desktop with only the Recycling Bin to keep you company.

If you try and browse to your documents via the normal methods then you will find nothing.

Don’t fret!  Your profile and associated files, settings etc should be fine.  To check this is the case take a look within the following location on your machine:


Should you find yourself in this situation simply carry out the following steps and this should resolve your issues.


  • Log into your system via local administrator account or with your standard credentials (the temporary profile)
  • Open the Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in the find box within the Windows 7 Start menu
  • Navigate to the following location within the Registry Editor
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
  • You will notice a profile under the ProfileList which ends with “.bak“, this will be your corrupt profile
    • If you are logged in with a temporary profile you may notice two identical profile identifiers listed, only one of them will end in .bak
    • IF this is the case rename the identical profile without the .bak at the end to “profile-id_new”
      • For example profile “s-1-5-21-*****-*****” would become “s-1-5-21-*****-*****_new
  • Now rename the profile ID that ends in .bak and simply remove the .bak from the ID
  • Log off or restart your machine completely
  • Log on again
  • Hey Presto, your original profile should be back


This issue has been put in front of me twice and in both instances there was no indication as to what caused the issues.  As the issues took place on remote machines I simply resolved the issues and the users went about their business.

The next time this happens I will attempt to look through the event logs etc to try and figure out possible causes for this issue.

Giving Credit Where It Is Due

The above solution is taken from steps provided by SysProbs

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BBC R1 Stories: Richie Hawtin

BBC R1's Heidi & Richie Hawtin

BBC R1’s Heidi & Richie Hawtin

Thought I would write my first blog entry on the Music Lord that is Richie Hawtin.

I would rarely go out of my way to sit and take time out to listen to interviews etc but I just had to make an exception for this.

Clubbing, techno music, DJing, festivals  and everything that comes with that scene were a big part of my life during the teenage years, and this guy featured heavily during that period.

I knew nothing about Richie’s background, upbringing or how he go sucked into the music scene, I know him solely from live mixes I have downloaded over the years and having the privilege of seeing him live in Belfast and at Creamfields.  The energy, passion and genuine love for music oozes out of him every time you hear him and this resonates into the crowd, always making for an electric atmosphere.  The only other little tidbit that I knew about Richie prior to this interview was that he was influenced by the ” Belleville three“, and anyone who is influenced by Derrick May alone is worth listening to.

Richie carries himself very well throughout the interview and if anyone had any questions on his demeanor, attitude or personality then I think this interview would quash any fears, as he comes across as a genuine, down-to-earth guy that just has a passion for what he does and what he can do.

This BBCR1 feature goes into great details about Richie’s life from a young age right up until his current venture, ENTER.  The interview itself is thorough but relaxed and this has to be due to the fact that it is his genuine long-term personal friend interviewing him, Hiedi.

The one thing that the interview did not go into in great detail was how influential Richie has been to the new breed of DJs.  From the very beginning of the transitioning between vinyl, to CD, to MP3 files only, to MIDI sampling etc, Richie was at the forefront.

I remember watching an brief talk years ago where Richie was discussing a technology of playing MP3 files via a vinyl deck, on a blank vinyl record with everything connected to a computer, thus allowing DJs to play a set with only two records in their armory.   I must admit I was skeptical at the time but I am of course talking about the unbelievable world of Final Scratch.

Since then technologies have kept progressing in the music/DJ world with Richie always popping up when researching each technological step.  I love reading and discovering these technologies and hope to see Richie continuing his tireless quest to bring music to the masses in his own unique way.  I think Richie should be admired purely for the fact that someone of his stature and fame within the DJ world is still so underground.

I hope the younger generation enjoy your ENTER nights half as much as I enjoyed your live sets Richie!

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